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Dark UI

Dark UI



ZEN Mode

ZEN Mode

Topic Link

Topic Link

All NewSnowbrush 2.0 Engine

Spending 3 years, we poured our time and effort into XMind: ZEN, rewriting every single byte completely.

Font family & CJK font

Each of our theme provides a set of font families to ensure that your mind maps have similar visual displays on all platforms.

CJK fonts can give you a backup display when the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters in your mind map are not displayed correctly.

XMind: ZEN in different devices

Dark UI

Compare with light interface, dark UI brings you a comfortable way to focus on mind mapping, and helps you quickly turn the interface to dark at night time. It adopts a darker color palette for all windows, views, stickers, panels and so on.

Dark UI of XMind: ZEN


An outliner in mind mapping is a good way for expression of radiant thinking and an effective way of helping us think about and solve problems.

Outline of XMind: ZEN

ZEN Mode

If you want to get perfect results, ZEN mode allows you only concentrate on one mind map. This way all your energy will go into it and you will accomplish it perfectly.

ZEN Mode of XMind: ZEN

Topic Informations

There is always a plenty of topic information for you to enroll a mind map by adding markers, label, hyperlink, attachments, topic link, notes, and so on.

Topic informations of XMind: ZEN

More Features

We can also insert

Hyperlink icon


Audio note icon

Audio Note

Image icon


Topic link icon

Topic Link

Attachment icon


Label icon


Notes icon




Styles and Themes

We offer the fishbone chart, matrix, timeline, the org chart to enrich your mind maps. Various branch shape like the hexagon, capsule, circle etc. to emphasize your thoughts.

Multi-branch Color

Packed with 6 group of colorful palettes, you can select the proper one to decorate your mind map. With a simply click, your whole mind map becomes very organized instantly.

Multi-branch Color of XMind: ZEN

Export and Share

We provide a plenty of methods of export and share, so that you can spread your ideas and thoughts with your friends and colleges, or save them in a correct way.

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